Why Broken Pencils?

The thing with broken pencils is that one long pencil can become two short ones. Yes, there is a point on one end and a straight cut on the other, but you can turn the splintered end into a point, a useable pencil.

You can also keep using the point despite it not being a straight end. Yes damaged. Yes, more likely to be uncomfortable and even hard to handle because it is splintered, but it is still useable.

The splintered bit that has the flat end has a lot of work to do to be trimmed, refined and sharpened, but eventually there is little evidence of the break.

We have a choice. Which approach do we take to trauma?Are we like the end that was splintered but has now been sharpened that still looks like a pencil once it has had some attention? Or are we like the point which keeps on being used despite its obvious wound and bears the scars forever?

It takes courage to be the one with the splintered end that is brought back into useful service. The knife is sharp, and it sometimes feels like bits are being ripped off. The end result though, is a pencil that is useable but does not look or behave as if it has an injury.

Crafting your way to recovery

The broken pencils craft group is for those who have faced trauma of one kind or another and are determined to put a new point on the splintered end. They want to turn the splintered end into a useable point, but they do not know how to do it. The thing is that they know they need to do something because life with the wound is hard. Sometimes others around them feel the splinters and they regret it, but have no idea how to stop it from happening again.

Those of us who have been involved in crafting for some time know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is good for us. It has such an amazing range of benefits that a physiotherapist from Shropshire came up with this medical definition. Knitting is a bilateral, rhythmic, psychosocial intervention. It is an intervention as it is not a medicine and not a treatment, but it has health benefits. It is bilateral, as it uses both sides of the body. It is rhythmic due to the clicketty clack of the needles. It is psychosocial as a knitting group does you good because of the social connection it generates.

Get involved

It is not just knitting because all sorts of crafts can be beneficial. Making things gives you a chance to think and to express yourself in a way that helps you work through the healing process. The aim of the Broken Pencils craft group is that you come as you are and we at Everyone CAN Craft set up the room with craft activities designed to help you move forward in the healing process. Yes, you can have fun at the same time.

We do not promise miracles, although we would love to see them. We do promise that we will do our best to help you take steps forward, even if they are baby steps.

Sound interesting

Check the Everyone CAN Craft Facebook Page for details of dates and times.

P.S. We would appreciate a donation of at least £5 per person to help us cover our costs.

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