Is Broken Pencils for me?

How many of us look at something like this and say that would be great for so and so? The reality is that we are imperfect people living in an imperfect world and there are times when we need an extra bit of support.

When locked down hit life got harder for many of us didn’t it? I thought at the time that I was OK because I had been through worse times. I look back and realise how hard it was to stay in the house and only leave it once a month to go shopping.

The fear in the atmosphere was tangible at times wasn’t it? I had been through that when I lived with people who struggled with excessive fear so in ways it did not seem that hard. I was very grateful that I no longer lived with them because I had been spared a nightmare.

The reality was looking back is yes life was easier than during the really tough times but it was still not easy. I thought I was managing but I am not now that I was.

One thing that experience has taught me is that in the moment I am not a good judge of what I am struggling with. I find it so much easier to see things in the rear view mirror by which time the help that I needed in the moment is off little use to me.

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